PM Certified by Virginia REALTORS®

The Virginia Property Management Certification

Are you looking for property management education opportunities in Virginia? The new property management certification, PM Certified, is here. The first class will be hosted at PMX 2019 and is already full. PM Certified coursework will enhance your knowledge of property management law, regulations, agency, leases, rental maintenance as well as provide YOU tools for business and career success. For those new to the property management business, you will stand out as a professional by building better relationships with your clients and customers.

PM Certified Courses

Residential Property Management 101 / 6 hours

Residential Property Management 101 will sharpen the foundational skills necessary for starting and running a successful property management business. Learn key laws and regulations, business models, and time management software/systems to enhance your role as a property manager.

Module 1 Course will be submitted for CE Approval.

Property Managers and the Law / 8 hours

Don’t get caught off guard! Join your fellow property managers as you become familiar with relevant federal, state, and local laws and regulations. Learn to mitigate risk, educate your landlord and tenants, and protect your business.

Module 2 Course will be submitted for CE Approval.

Agency Issues for Property Managers / 3 hours

Agency is the defining part of a licensee’s relationship with a client. You are invited to explore different types of agency relationships and dive deeper into understanding the roles and duties of the parties involved.

Module 3 Course will be submitted for CE Approval.

Mastering the Lease / 4 hours

Master your leasing skills! Take an in-depth look at the residential lease form as well as the addendums to ensure you are providing accurate guidance to your clients. Learn about the landlord’s and tenant’s responsibilities, manage expectations, mitigate risk, and create a successful working relationship between all parties.

Module 4 Course will be submitted for CE Approval.

Keeping Fair Housing Fair / 3.5 hours

A large part of your duty as a property manager is to find a good tenant for your rental units. Fair housing laws are complex, and the penalties are severe. This course will educate you on how to effectively advertise your rental properties without running afoul of licensing or fair housing laws.

Module 5 Course will be submitted for CE Approval.

Fix It Up – Residential Maintenance / 4 hours

Maintenance can be one of the biggest headaches in property management.  The residential property manager is typically responsible for overseeing routine and preventive property maintenance. This class serves as a guide for the property manager to identify maintenance responsibilities, manage expectations, and proactively avoid maintenance problems.

This course has been approved for 4 Hours Real Estate Related credit for CE; 2 Hours Current Industry Issues/Trends for PL.

It’s Over When It’s Over / 4 hours

What happens when a good relationship experiences turmoil or the parties decide to part ways? This course explores landlord, tenant, and property manager responsibilities when navigating a breach of lease or the process of lease termination.

Module 7 Course will be submitted for CE Approval.

The Give and Take of Effective Communication / 6 hours

Communication flows through all we do. Clear communication is a critical part of life but it’s a learned skill. This course will enhance your ability to communicate clearly, efficiently, and effectively to build stronger relationships with your co-workers, customers and clients.

Module 8 Course will be submitted for CE Approval.